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"Lori and family have provided a safe dog friendly and loving enviroment for all of our Katie dog stays. Her knowledge of safely integrating new dogs into the "pack" ensures a safe and most importantly fun environment for the dogs. We strongly recommend her service to anyone looking for a sitter. Don, Jody and Katie dog."

- Don B.

"Lori is an amazing person! I immediately can tell after one visit that i can trust her with my babies. My puppies enjoyed being around her and i like that she sends me updates! She's very nice and I know that if I ever need a sitter, she's my go to person."

- Yean L.

"This was my first experience with a pet sitter. I have the upmost respect for Lori Horsley-Fricke. I swear she is a dog whisperer. Our two dogs have never been away from home since we got them. This was the best experience ever. Thank you Lori for your love and devotion for our pets."

- Wanda M.

Find even more great reviews on both Facebook and Rover!

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