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Meet and Greets

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Meet and Greet

Meet and Greets are held to make sure we are a good fit for each other. They are required before your pup's first stay (typically a week before they stay).

During Meet and Greet

We will go over questions and expectations.

I will evaluate your pup in my home.

This is not a puppy play date; so do not ask if your pup can play with the other dogs.

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Nuka and Nitro.jpg

Things to know

  • I am a pet sitter (in our family home) not a facility.

  • I host multiple dogs at a time.

  • Before first time overnight stay a minimum of a 4 hour daycare is required.

  • First time stay should be no longer than 7 days. Once an established client; up to two weeks is my maximum stay.

  • I host dogs 7 days a week so there may be a time I have to leave the home for an appointment (no longer than 2 hours); If my experienced family member is not available to watch the dogs they will be gated, crated, and/or separated during that time.

  • Clients will use Time to Pet booking and communication website/app.

  • I am insured by Pet Sitters Associates.

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